About me:


I am a makeup artist. I went out of my way to get trained on how to apply makeup for camera to make your job that much easier.

I am a creative consultant. I spend non-billable hours upon hours going through your proof galleries and offering the feedback you requested, because I care about the work that we produce together.

I am a travel agent. For every hour that I spend in front of the camera, I spent an average of 2 hours to that one hour of planning and logistics.

I am a master at marketing and brand management.

I am a therapist. You photographers have some issues, and boy, have I heard it all.

I am a hand holder. I go out of my way to make sure that you’re having fun at our shoot too.

I am a studio and lighting assistant. Chances are I know more about lighting than you do, and I’m always offering to help put up the backdrop, change modifiers, etc.

on’t ever tell me that all I do is stand there and look pretty.